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Message Stickers

Message Stickers

Following research with hundreds of Heads/Teachers across the UK*,
we have produced the following stickers that have now proved very popular. All labels are 24mm diameter and are glossy in appearance.
The "HEY, ask me about my letter" stickers should avoid the all too familiar conversations with parents:
We didn't get the letter? What parents meeting? What School trip ? The form was due back when?
Hopefully, the stickers when placed on the coats/jumpers of the children, as they leave the classroom to go home, will help you to inform the parents that somewhere in the bottom of their bag, is a letter. (Albeit covered in sticky orange juice and wedged between half a sandwich and a Harry Potter trading card!)
The BUMPED HEAD and SMILEY FIRST AIDER stickers have proved very useful for the following points:
1) Makes all school/nursery staff aware of any incidents
2) Informs the parent that they need to keep an eye on the child for any side effects
3) The child feels consoled and a little sticker goes a long way to do this! (Especially with a smiley face on it!)
We have been asked to produce all the stickers specifically in rows of 3, and cut in rows of 10 which will give you the average class number.
*Research/Feedback was carried out at the EARLY YEARS & PRIMARY TEACHING EXHIBITIONS, LONDON / MANCHESTER / BELFAST-2001/2002

Labels come in quantity and price as shown below.

200 Labels @ £6.00, 300 Labels @ £9.00,
500 Labels @ £12.00,
1,000 Labels @ £19.00,
3,000 Labels @ £54.00





Company Details : Geda/Eze, Unit 1, Hazel Business Park, Sandwash Close,
Rainford, St Helens, Merseyside, WA11 8LY,
Direct tel number 01744886905 & fax 01744886906
e-mail: ezelabels@gmail.com

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